August 28, 2008

Hello, friends; and welcome to our class blog. This is a place for us to share ideas, to extend our conversation, to form a friendly critical community. It’s our virtual coffeehaus, if you will.

For each work, I ask that you write an informal, but thoughtful, response. You can also post reviews of the stories that you find particularly clever or inflammatory (as long as you have something to say about them); you can quote passages that you think merit discussion; you can let me know what we didn’t cover in class, and what you would like to focus our next conversation on.

You can contribute as often as you like, but I do ask that you post and respond to a classmate’s post at least once for each text. Participation here will constitute ten percent of your total grade for the course. More than that, though, it will bring your thinking about these works of art outside the classroom and into the place it really belongs: your everyday life.